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Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation is a developer of memorial gardens and parks. We offer lawn lots, gardens, estates and columbariums (Community Vault and Ossuary) to our patrons plus interment services to the demise

A Company Committed to Deliver not just Beauty but a Heartwarming Service Experience

“Beauty fades but memories will stay.” Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation is a company committed to deliver quality products and services to our stakeholders. Our Memorial Solutions offering is the end product of creative minds dedicated to provide continous innovation. With us, it’s not just about the beauty from the outside that counts but more importantly, the will to serve and go the extra mile to meet our clients’ demand and deliver a heartwarming service experience to lessen the burden of those who are emotionally affected by the loss of their loved ones. 

Where Memories Take Seed and Grow

Having a culture of entrepreneurial excellence is the start of innovation and service driven mindset. The characteristic of being innovative and service driven, when experienced by our clients and the people around us, good memories will start to take seed in a heartwarming service experience, it flourishes, grows, and bears the fruits of happiness, satisfaction, trust, confidence and love. It is at Celestial Meadows “Where Memories Take Seed and Grow” because of our culture on entrepreneurial excellence and our people’s characteristic of being innovative, service driven, and solution centric.


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Invest in Love

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At Celestial Meadows, you have more than just a choice

We value our relationship with our clients. What make us strong in the market is our capacity to deliver value. What differentiates us from the rest is “We Simply Care About You and Your Loved Ones”. We give our clients’ insights and perspective prior to availing our products. At Celestial Meadows, we will help you make the right choice.

The Latest Innovation in our Memorial Garden

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