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Available online work in the Philippines

If the usual eight-hour shift is not for you, there are several online jobs you can try your hands on.

Data Entry. This job is just similar to an encoder, although there are companies which require a particular experience. But most only require a 65wpm writing speed, good internet connection and a working laptop or desktop computer. As to the pay, it is between P20,000 and P25,000 per month. If you are looking for data entry jobs, go to https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/ and search for the following keywords: data entry jobs home-based.

Content Writer. This is one of the easiest jobs that even those who already have one can do after office hours or in between breaks. This job only needs you to write good drafts, if you can provide polished copies, the better. If you want to do it full-time, monthly pays range from P25,000 to as much as P40,000. If you would rather be paid per hour, the usual rate is USD8; if per article it is P200-300 for 500 words. There are contractors who pay better; there are also subcons who hire you to do the job they have contracted to do, which can mean lesser pay for you. To get better deals, sign up at www.upwork.com.

Sell Online. Whether you have the goods or not, this particular task only needs a laptop or a cellphone with an internet connection. If you have the capital, you can buy the items in bulk from the suppliers, and sell the products online. You can use Facebook or any of the retail app such as, Lazada, Shopee to sell for free. If you do not have the capital to start an online shop, you can always drop-ship. How is this done? Contact the suppliers of the products you want to sell and tell them you will resell their products. Suppliers will be more than glad to have you in their business. Once you have a buyer, you notify the supplier and they will ship the order to your buyer. It’s either you add a few percent on top of the supplier’s price or the supplier will give you a commission to your every successful sale. This task is good for stay-at-home moms who have extra hours to post and watch their store online. If you want cheap finds, you can start with www.pesostore.net

Be a real estate agent. It does not cost any to be a real estate agent. You only need to attend trainings and seminars to help you learn the ropes. But if you don’t want to go all out yet, you can start with just simple posting. Real estate agents can get thousands of pesos from a single sale; you, too, can earn the same by just sharing the agent’s posts. What you need to do? Just connect with a real estate agent and ask how they pay for their marketers. Most agents pay at least P1,000 for every successful referral. This means that for every successful buyer you give them, they give you at least P1,000. And your job is just to share their post, get the name of the interested buyer, and give it to the real estate agent. The agent will take charge of everything, while you wait for the transaction to be closed. It is that simple. If you want to try this, you can start with https://www.facebook.com/baiandsell.

Refer a friend. This is another no-sweat job online for anyone. All that is required here are a mobile phone with internet connection and a simple marketing talent. There are several real estate brokers and companies that allow anyone to advertise their products, and in return they give out referral fees. Referral fees vary, depending on the total contract price of the product. If it is in millions, the referral fee is definitely bigger. Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation, for example, gives out referral fee of not less than P1,000 for every successful referral. How it is done? You only need to know of the current offerings of any of Celestial Meadows locations (Minglanilla, Toledo, Moalboal and Compostela) and share these to your friends. If your friends are interested in it, you get their names and contact number; send these to any Celestial Meadows agent. You don’t need to go out from your home to get your referral fee, it is now the agent who does the rest of the work. Once the transaction is successful, the agent will notify you as to when you can claim your referral fee. For more information on this, message any of Celestial Meadows Facebook page.  

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