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Guide in Investing in Memorial Lots

While there are those who buy memorial lots for future use, there are also individuals who buy them as investment.

For Filipinos who want to see their money grow without lifting a finger, investing in real properties such as memorial lots is on their top list. Imagine buying a lawn lot in Celestial Meadows Compostela for P20,000 and turning that amount thrice as much five years from now.

Because you can always resell memorial lots. In the history of the Philippine, prices of real estate properties including memorial lots have always been increasing. So if it is in up trend, it only means one thing: your investment is also earning in interest. 

What is a memorial lot?

Memorial lots are small, and sometime big, subdivided lots in cemeteries. In public cemeteries, the cut is uniform while in private memorial gardens, there are cuts for a single body, there are also for groups (family garden, family estate). The lots in public cemeteries are for lease, while in memorial gardens for sale. Hence, in private cemeteries you can always choose to have yours bigger if you want it so; and pay higher because the pricing is normally according to the size of the lots.

Apart from the common lawn lots, there are also niches, mausoleums (family estates), family gardens, ossuaries or bone chambers.

Like condominium units, memorial lots also have no land titles. The developer will however give you a lot title, which has your name on it, the lot size and other important details that prove your ownership.

Now, why invest in memorial lots? Like the condominium units and houses, they come cheap when you buy them early. They also have easy installment plans. So if you buy a lawn lot for P20,000, you can divide the amount into several tranches. This way it becomes easy for you to pay. Whether you want to use the lot for yourself or your family or sell it to gain interests, it is all up to you.

If you want it for personal use, assuming the need comes 10 years after, the amount of your property will be more than tripled. You have not only saved a lot of money, you have also unburdened yourself and your family from the stress. If you want to resell it two years from now, you will get at least 20 percent more from your investment, granting the inflation rate is only at 10 percent per annum which in the present state is more than that.

What happens after the memorial lot is fully paid?

Your developer will give you a lot title, that will become your proof that you are an owner of a memorial lot. You can show it to your developer when the time comes that you will need it. 

If you want to resell it, you will use the same document to transfer the ownership to the buyer. The developer will not get a cut from your interest. You pocket your investment and the interest that comes with it.

If you want to know more about memorial lots and how to invest in them, contact celestialmeadows.net.

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