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How CMDC cares for you during bereavement

Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation (CMDC) has been serving the Cebuanos for 21 years with five memorial gardens spread across the island.

No business will last for two decades if it falls short to its promise of providing good services. When CMDC started 21 years with its first memorial garden, Celestial Meadows – Minglanilla, it first just wanted to serve the people of Minglanilla. But a few years later, it was forced to expand until it has reached to Naga City (Legacy Plains – Naga), Legacy Plains Toledo, Divine Mercy Moalboal and Celestial Meadows – Compostela. For two decades, it has spread to five localities in Cebu – way beyond its initial plans. Why did it happen so fast? We believe that the Cebuanos love how CMDC cares for them in times of their bereavement.

CMDC is a business, but its business core is caring for the Cebuanos, clients or not. Its memorial gardens are designed to not look like cemeteries because CMDC wants the family members walk on beautiful pathways shaded with lush trees, sit on pretty benches fronting lakes and ponds s so their mourning becomes bearable even for just a moment. The beautiful landscapes in all of CMDC memorial gardens were designed mainly for the people who will take care of their departed loved ones. CMDC memorial parks are eternal resting places for the departed and recreational venues for the living. This is why the CMDC memorial gardens are open on all days all week for families to visit their loved ones and for their children to safely play in the background. 

CMDC cares that it has tailored-fit  its services according to the preference of the clients. This is CMDC. This will always be CMDC. 

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