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How OFWs love their families even from far away

The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) may not be managing to be physically with their families in the Philippines, but the long-distance does not stop them from being ever present in expressing love for their loved ones at home. Though sadness, loneliness and despair lurk in these circumstances, the commitment and sense of duty to the family and the immense love is the driving force that empowers OFWs to stay strong and hold on and provide a better life for their family. 

The Overseas Filipino Worker’s sacrifices are motivated by their love and deep affection towards their family. Even with the time difference and communication problems, they make great lengths to stay connected with their families, as if they are just a call or a text away. Psychological, physical and emotional hardships are endured to ensure that the family is being provided for. In return, these OFWs receive more than what they give in the form of unconditional love, unconditional trust and sacrificing the little moments in life for them. 

OFWs are always willing to give up the lighter moments in life and exchange it with a few minutes of phone call or video calls with their beloved ones at home. Working hard no matter how extreme or tiring, the dedicated efforts of OFWs to secure a better future for their family forms the core of their love towards the family. Apart from income, they give out a great sense of pride and satisfaction in being able to provide for the family.

Even if their work and their absence implies a loss in quality family time, when the OFW is finally reunited with his/her family, their love overshadows all the hurt and pain which had been caused. OFWs may not be able to be physically present all the time, but the love and care are always there and felt no matter how far or near. This shows that being endlessly in love just requires a few conscious steps to keep loved ones close to the heart, and trust no matter how far away the distance between them. 

Length does not matter when it comes to spreading the act of love and appreciation. The deeds and acts may be small and minimalistic, but the blaring heart of a true Filipino, an Overseas Worker Filipino, easily translates across the distance and touches deeply the family at home. Though the physical separation closes a door, the love and support of the OFW opens a window to hope, courage and perseverance, loving connection and lastly, peace.

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