Celestial Meadows

Interment Services Agreement

    You are hereby authorized and ordered to inter the remains of the late

    with the address at

    in the lot(s) as described below, subject to your rules, regulations and restrictions attached to the Contract to Sell and Certificate of Perpetual Usufruct



    Interment Schedules and Packages

    In case the arrival of the remains of the above mentioned deceased as per schedule. I/We hereby agree to allow Legacy Plains Developers Corporation, to transfer the casket and concrete vault lowering devices to another lot with schedule interment and to wait until the said other interment is finished.

    Furthermore, I/We hereby agree to pay in full of my our outstanding balance on the said lot of interment service fees of

    PESOS any other payments that is due me/us before the interment schedule. The breakdown of the interment service fees as follows:

    • Excavation

    • Concrete Vault Construction-Standard Size

    • Mobile Tent House

    • Chairs

    • Casket Lowering Device

    • Vault Lowering

    • Back Filling

    • Topsoil Grass

    • Flat Marker(Romblon Marble with Inscription 10cm x 40m x 60cm

    • Other services added on the specific package availed

    Nonetheless, I hereby certify that (1) I am the

    of the above named deceased and this is your authority for the interment of the deceased’s remains and (2) I have the real right of the described lot for and have the full right to make this authorization and agree to hold the Legacy Plains Developers Corporation harmless of any responsibility and liability on account of the said authorization and interment in the above described site. In the event, mechanical trouble and or malfunction of the same of our interment equipment the Legacy Plains Developers Corporation including its representative or crew and attending personnel shall not be held liable for whatever danger or legal suits.

    Henceforth, in the period and due to reasons beyond control of the company, dues to other obstructions, earth conditions medical findings that the cadaver shall not be embalmed and further advise to inter the said decedent before 24 hours due to sickness which endangers the health of the surrounding individuals. I/We allow and authorize the Legacy Plains Developers Corporation to INTER-TEMPORARILY the remains will be interred in the lot subject to this Interment Order permit, excavation will be done/resumed and the remains will then interred in the lot subject to this Interment Agreement

    I/We finally agree, that the moment the casket bearing the remains of the decease enters the Legacy Plains premises, opening of the same for final viewing , rites/ceremonies shall be allowed if and only of the casket has a protective glass cover. Removal of the glass over that will directly expose the cadaver in strictly prohibited to happen. This is to ensure the health and safety of those attending the ceremonial rites as the memorial park interment personnel crew.

    Furthermore, guidelines and limitation stipulated in the Dead of Restriction shall be strictly observed. Violations of which shall be acted upon by the Developer necessarily without prior notice.

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