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Love Others, Love Yourself More

One of the most important exercises in life is learning how to love others and ourselves. Those who learn this lesson will feel more connected to their community, build stronger relationships with others, and feel fulfilled in their personal life. When it comes to loving others, it’s important to lead with compassion, kindness, and understanding. This can manifest in a variety of ways, from expressing support and gratitude to following through with promises and lending a helping hand.

However, loving oneself is equally as important, if not more so, than loving others. To love one’s self is to treat oneself with respect and value one’s own well-being. This is not to be confused with egoism or being wrapped up in one’s own narcissism. On the contrary, healthy self-love is a practice of recognizing and meeting our needs, engaging in activities that fulfill us, and engaging in honest, self-reflection.

To cultivate self-love, it’s important to understand our limitations and accept that we have flaws and make mistakes. Far too often, society perpetuates the idea that we must be perfect and anything short of perfect is a failure. Self-love requires us to move past this idea and instead recognize and appreciate our strengths, appreciate the successes we achieve, and forgive our blunders.

Of equal importance to internally loving oneself is expressing our love for ourselves outwardly as well. This might look like taking a hot bath and treating ourselves to a facial, ordering our favorite meal for dinner after a long day of work, or buying a new outfit that we feel great in. All of these things should come in moderation, of course, and be mindful of our ability to recognize unhealthy self-sabotaging behaviors.

Ultimately, it’s essential to remember that there is power in demonstrating our love for both ourselves and others. When we show love to ourselves, we have more love to give to others, and that love and kindness can have a ripple effect, radiating outward and touching more and more lives. Love and kindness will always outlast hate and strife, so investing in these despite and within ourselves is a worthwhile pursuit.

Love is among the traits of Celestial Meadows. Love, Life, Legacy. 

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