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“Stay Safe in the Heat: Tips for Visiting Celestial Meadows’ Memorial and Family Parks”

As of May 21, the heat index in Central Visayas ranges from 40°C to 42°C. This puts the region under the category of extreme caution, indicating that heat cramps and exhaustion are possible. Visiting Celestial Meadows Memorial and Family parks under these conditions may result in heat stroke, thus, extreme care must be observed during your visit. 

To prevent the dangerous side effects of extreme heat, please observe the following when visiting our memorial and family parks to honor your departed loved ones:

Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water.  Avoid carbonated, caffeinated, or alcoholic drinks which can cause dehydration.   Electrolyte drink solutions is advised.

Limit sun exposure – Visit the memorial and family park in the afternoon preferably at 5:00pm onwards.  Celestial Meadows Memorial and Family Parks are open up to 8:00pm anyways from Monday to Sunday.  Stay in covered areas, or in the comfort or your office and home from 10 AM to 4 PM.


Wear appropriate clothing – Avoid fitting clothes.  Instead, wear lightweight and loose-fitting.   Dark color clothing adds to heat so consider wearing light-colored ones.  Use a wide brimmed hat and big or golf sized umbrella to protect you from direct sunlight.  Protect your eyes from UV rays by wearing sunglasses.


Consider heat safety when planning your outdoor activities – Choose the later part of the day to do your strenuous activities.  Consider early morning or late night. If it cannot be avoided, make sure you take as much break as you can in cool or shaded areas.


Allow your body to adjust to the Heat – Immediate exposure to heat will harm you so make it gradually to allow your body to adjust to the high temperature but remain cautious.


Protect your skin – Extreme heat can cause skin cancer.  Using a high SPF sunscreen will help protect your skin from sun burn.


Stay in Air-Conditioned Place – Better to unwind in cool areas if you cannot stay at home.  Going to air-conditioned malls while waiting for sundown to visit the memorial and family park is recommended.  Use fans when staying at home if you don’t have air-conditioning and take cool showers or baths more frequent to cool down your body temperature.


Monitor High-Risk Individuals – Watch your children and high-risk family members as they are more prone to heat-related illness.  Always check them especially if your place has no air-conditioning.


Keep yourself abreast on the signs of Heat-Related Illnesses – Being aware of heat stroke symptoms will help you prevent damage.  When symptom arises, let your companion know and seek immediate medical assistance without delay.


Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation cares for you and your family’s health and welfare.  Following the above suggestions will help you and your families avoid heat related illness.

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