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Summer is here

As the wet season fades and warm sunny days arrive, summer will be here before we know it. This time of year always brings with it a wave of excitement, as we look forward to vacations and more time with loved ones. From spontaneous picnics in the park, to days spent at the beach, summer is certain to be rife with wonderful moments that will stay with us well into the next season.

The summer season has its own uniquely recognizable atmosphere. Early mornings and late evenings are especially peaceful; a cool breeze begins to ruffle the leaves of trees, and morning dew clings to the grass and gently scents the air. Muffled sunlight warms the world, casting a glow that radiates peace and contentment. As the morning progresses, the energy picks up, with bird songs becoming louder and the warm sun inviting us outdoors. Even the natural world seems excited for the arrival of summer, with blooming flowers and greenery all around us.

For many people, summer evokes a strong sense of nostalgia. Whether that’s playing in the park with friends, family barbeques, or long bike rides, the memories of these moments linger and inspire us. No matter what age, summer has always been a time of wonder and exploration, a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. Even the most mundane activities like reading a book in the garden become special, when savored in the warmth of the sun’s rays.

Summer days can be so welcoming and inviting, with endless possibilities of things to do. From camping and kayaking, to swimming, hiking, or visiting the countless festivals and events throughout the summer. The streets will be alive with music, people laughing and enjoying the weather, while kids fly kites and splash around in the water. Even the planes in the sky seem to acknowledge the mood, as trailing banners carry heartfelt messages of love and celebration.

Before long, summer will come to an end. Make sure to enjoy it, have picnics at the park, go out swimming, enjoy camping or just go for a job. This is the best to do all or any of that.

Celestial Meadows memorial parks from north to south are always open for picnics, kite flying, badminton and other summer fun activities. Enjoy summer! 

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