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“The end” as we see it

We live in a world where finality is often assumed to be the ultimate answer to life’s questions. We’ve been taught to accept endings, to let them conclude chapter after chapter of our lives. When someone passes away, we say their life has come to an end. When a relationship is over, it’s seen as an ending. When a job is lost, it’s the end of an era. But the fact of the matter is, “the end” is not the only possible outcome.

One of the most beautiful and freeing aspects of life is that every ending marks a new beginning. This means that with every experience we go through, no matter how difficult, there is still potential for growth, joy and beauty contained within it. Even though the “end” may be painful, we can still choose to look at it as the start of something even better.

When it comes to life’s challenges, our attitude and perception makes all the difference in the world. We’re all capable of controlling how we think and how we respond. This means that any situation that we may see as an ending can actually be an opportunity to start anew. We can take it upon ourselves to reinvent, renovate and reformulate how we see our lives. We can use our own agency to turn despair into hope and our fears into courage.

The idea of turning an ending into a beginning can be empowering and comforting. When we are going through a difficult experience, the idea that things may not be as hopeless and permanent as we may think can be liberating. If we focus on using any negative experiences as a catalyst for growth, instead of assuming the worst, then anything truly is possible. 

We are all equipped with the inner strength required to move on and make progress in our lives. When everything else fails, and the “end” seems like the only answer, our own optimism, resilience and unflinching determination can be the beginning of something remarkable. The end is certainly not the end. Instead, it can be the doorway that leads us to a brighter, more fulfilling life.

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