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Things to do in Moalboal

If you’re in Cebu and want to have an experience of a lifetime, head on to Moalboal! 

Moalboal is a coastal town southwest of Cebu, three hours by private car from Cebu City. There are buses which serve this route several times a day so transportation is not a problem. You can also arrange a private transport with your hotel. The drive may be long but why everyone is heading to Moalboal? Here are the reasons why:

Experience the Sardine Run

If you want to swim with a school of sardines, this is your chance! You don’t need a full SCUBA gear to experience this, just go to Panagsama Beach with your snorkeling gear and swim for about 30 meters from the shoreline. When you reach the wall, look down to see the town’s unique natural phenomenon. You can hire a local guide to help you get there, and take great photos of you while you swim with the sardines. The sardine run is an all-year round affair.

Dive in Pescador Island

Moalboal is known for its rich coral reefs, hence it is a top destination for local and foreign divers. If you are a certified SCUBA diver or still learning, do not miss the chance to see the town’s rich coral reefs. Pescador Island, just a 15-minute boat ride from the shore, houses soft and hard corals, schools of fishes, giant turtles and even white-tip sharks. The town’s dive sites, there are several, are known for its cliff walls that suddenly drop from 20 meters of white sandy covers. And these walls have sprouted corals perfect for backdrop as you dive along with the turtles or the passing dolphins.

Snorkel in Panagsama Beach

When God created the world, Panagsama Beach was probably His favorite masterpiece. Not only is this beach so white and its sand so fine that you can walk barefoot everywhere, its shallow seas are also home to small and colorful corals. When you’re here, you will be torn between swimming or enjoying the corals and the colorful fishes at your feet. So when you’re in Panagsama Beach, always bring your snorkeling gear to best enjoy the moment.

Have a beer in Basdako

Basdako is a lifestyle hub of Moalboal. While the daytime is for swimming with the turtles, the night is for beer and burgers in this side of the town. It is like Boracay’s nightlife venue where open bars play reggae music and locals and tourists drink their beers in the background. If you are staying in Panagsama Beach (Basdiot), Basdako is just a tricycle ride away. Basdako also has inns and hotels where you can stay the night. 

Eat in Moalboal

When in Cebu, there is food everywhere and lechon is a staple. Maolboal’s lechon can be had at the town’s public market near the plaza. There are also several carenderias there that sell food such as lechon baboy (roasted pork), chicken, seafood and a lot more. If you want a more relaxed food hunting, there are food stalls just outside the beaches. In Moalboal, you will never go hungry. 

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