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Top 5 Best Investment Opportunities for OFWs

Filipinos go abroad to provide for their family. Everyone living in the Philippines know who lives in a big house. “Ah, seaman!” A few will say, “Mayor yan!” Because politicians don’t normally live among their people. They live with their kind. So, if Filipinos want to have a big house, they either become politicians or they go abroad.

We’ve listed here the top 5 best investment opportunities for Overseas Filipino Workers:

1.         Real estate properties. If you are an OFW and you have extra cash, invest it right away in real properties. What are these real properties?

House and lot. Go for pre-selling deals so you can get them cheap. If you don’t want to live in your house and just want to invest your money, go for properties outside the cities. They’re cheaper than most sold in the urban areas.

Condominium units. These are also fast-moving items in the real property industry. Buy one if you can afford. Some pre-selling units are for less than P20,000 every month, there are P8,000.00 in provinces. You can either live in them, sell them or rent them out.

Memorial lots. These are one of the real estate investments of which value does not depreciate. If you purchase a lawn lot for P20,000 this year, the value of it can increase by at least 15 percent every year. Those who have extra money invests in memorial lots not only for their own use in the future but for more returns of their hard-earned money.  If you are looking for a memorial garden where you can invest in, go to Celestial Meadows, a trusted developer based in Cebu.

2.         Online Business. Some OFWs are buying items from their host countries and sell them in the Philippines through Facebook. This is also one of the ways to earn big bucks, you only need to know what items are cheap and saleable to your market. You can always start small and expand when your market is growing. Based on today’s online selling business insights, high-end mobile phones, branded ladies’ bags, jewelry pieces, fashionable clothes and shoes are hot items. If you are starting small, go for RTWs, pre-loved goods, chocolates or whatever cheap yet popular brands in your area. Then sell them to the Philippines.

3.         Small Lending Business. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money even while doing a full-time job abroad. You only need money and a logbook for recording to do it.

Pros: It’s easy as fund transfer can be done online. It gives better interest than banks. Even if you slap a 2% interest per month, that is still way higher than bank’s 1% per annum.

Cons: There is no 100% assurance that you can get back all your money, especially if you don’t check who you are lending it to.

Recommendation: You can always ask for a collateral just in case your borrower fails to pay you up. Although this can be tricky if you are both living from a distant.

4.         Franchise. A milktea business, a kiosk coffee shop, a pandesal stall – these are just a few of the business franchises which are about P100,00 or below. If you have someone at home who you can trust with the business, this may be a good start for you.

5.         Bayad Center. You can set up your online payment center even if you are abroad. Most Philippine utilities accept payments from G-cash, Paymaya, Paypal, credit card and bank transfer – things that you can do even from far away. And how you will do it? You assign a member of your family to collect the money from your neighbor, for example, who wants pay their bill to you. You can add up a service fee – that’s where you will earn money from. If you have, say, 20 neighbors who will use your services, and you charge P50 for each one, then you have P1,000 just for 1 day.

These are just a few of the investment opportunities perfect for those who are working abroad. If you are investing in real estate, time flies before you know it you already own a condo unit in Manila, or a family mausoleum in Cebu.

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