Celestial Meadows


Treasury Staff

General Job Functions:

This position is responsible for check and voucher processing, petty cash custodianship, disbursement of payments, preparation of cash position report and other duties as delegated by the Accounting and Finance Supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Management Accounting or its equivalent
  • At least with one (1) year experience in general accounting
  • Good organizational skills, and ability to keep to strict deadlines
  • Can multi-task and work with minimal supervision
  • High level numeracy and reconciliation skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with strong customer service orientation
  • Proficient in computer applications, particularly in the use of spreadsheets
  • Must work well with people across all levels and has a sense of cooperation and teamwork
  • Professional, has initiative and with integrity
  • Can work under stress and not cave in to pressure
  • Willing to travel across the Philippines

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