Celestial Meadows

Who is Celestial Meadows?

Our blogs have mentioned Celestial Meadows several times already, and you may be wondering who is Celestial Meadows? This blog will talk about this company.

Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation is a developer of memorial gardens and parks in Cebu. It has been in the business for more than two decades with five memorial gardens all over Cebu, the only memorial garden developer in Cebu that has that much projects. From what we have heard the company is expanding as it hopes to offer its services to the entire Cebuano people.

From their website https://www.celestialmeadows.net/, Celestial Meadows says it has lawn lots, gardens, estates and columbarium (community vault and ossuary) that its clients can choose from.

“A company committed to deliver not just beauty but a heartwarming service experience” is Celestial Meadows’ principle which dates back to the very day it was conceptualized by a Cebuano family. The company is owned by the Cañedos, a family known for its real estate businesses.

The preservation of legacy is the company’s assurance to its clients, as it believes that “beauty fades but memories will always stay.”

“Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation is a company committed to deliver quality products and services to our stakeholders,” the company said in its website.

Celestial Meadows started in Minglanilla over 20 years ago, and to this day, it has now five memorial gardens, and has served thousands of clients not only in Cebu but in the entire country, and even those who are abroad. Over the years Celestial Meadows has excelled in its goal to only provide innovative services and good memories to its clientele. They would no longer be in the business with five growing memorial gardens if they failed even on one aspect.

“It is at Celestial Meadows ‘Where Memories Take Seed and Grow’ because of our
culture on entrepreneurial excellence and our people’s characteristic of being innovative,
service driven, and solution centric.”

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