Celestial Meadows

Who is CMDC?

Celestial Meadows Developers Corporation (CMDC) is a Cebu-based developer of memorial gardens and parks. For more than two decades in the industry, CMDC has served hundreds of Cebuanos all over the island. Its first project – the Celestial Meadows Minglanilla – became such a hit that it has continued to expand not only in Minglanilla but also in the towns of Compostela and Moalboal, and in the cities of Naga and Toledo. 

The CMDC brand is known for its nice-looking parks that most of the times people forget that these are actually cemeteries. CMDC chooses designs for its memorial gardens with also the living in mind. The purpose is to keep the place alive with love, life and legacy not only during memorial days but all throughout the year. During summer, it is common to see in all of CMDC memorial gardens young people playing badminton and small kids flying their kites or driving their bikes. On memorial week, on top of the usual trick-or-treats, there are family camping, musical events, food displays and other fun activities inside the parks. All year-round, there is always life and fun at the CMDC gardens.

Because CMDC has introduced these services to the Cebuanos, demands for more continue to pour in. Legacy Plains Toledo and Divine Mercy Moalboal, albeit new, are continuously expanding to meet the needs of the clients in Moalboal, Toledo City and the neighboring towns. CMDC Compostela is also not far with its booming sales despite the many competition in the area. Legacy Plains Naga is already full, while CMDC Minglaniila  has been on its nth expansion. 

Who is CMDC? It is the brand the Cebuanos always choose. 

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