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Why invest in memorial lots? 

When a loved one passes away, families often turn to memorial lots as a way to preserve a person’s memory. Memorial lots are burial sites that have been bought in private memorial gardens such as Celestial Meadows. The purpose is to honor the deceased. Investing in memorial lots is a great way to ensure that your loved one is always respected, cared for and remembered. Here are a few reasons why investing in memorial lots is a good option for many families.

Permanent Resting Place

Memorial lots offer a permanent resting place for your loved one. In a cremation, the ashes can be scattered or kept in an urn, which may dissipate or break over time. A memorial lot guarantees that your loved one will always have a place to rest. In addition, many memorial lots come with permanent decorations such as a gravestone or a mausoleum, depicting information about the deceased. This memorial is a great way to honor the deceased and keep their memory alive.

A Park

Memorial lots offer a place for families to gather. Memorial lots often offer benches for family and friends to sit and remember the departed. It is not uncommon for families to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays of their loved one in the memorial lot, providing other occasions to gather and provide comfort. Many memorial lots Celestial Meadows even allow the families to plant flowers or trees in the lot so that it becomes a physical reminder of the connection between the living and the deceased.

A long-term investment 

Overall, investing in a memorial lot is an important decision to make when a loved one passes away. Memorial lots offer a permanent resting place, as well as a spot to gather and remember the departed. The decoration of the memorial lot ensures that the legacy of the deceased will remain intact and visible. Families can feel comforted knowing that their loved one will always remain in their memory and in the same place, for years to come.

If you want a memorial lot that you can afford, visit Celestial Meadows. It has locations all over Cebu. 

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